How much does the shipping costs?
Here you can find all the costs and places where we can ship our goods.

Shipping costs is 10 € for the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, France, Nederland, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Sweden.

Shipping costs is 17 € for the following countries:
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Norway, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shipping cost for Switzerland is 17 € customs duty excluded (charged on customer).
For Express delivery service we kindly ask to contact our customers service for a tailor made quote.

Where I can receive my order?
You can receive your order at the address you have entered in the form (note: it must be domicile, office etc. it cannot be a mail box).

How long does it take for the order to be delivered?
WE ship every packages with DHL which grant us the delivery within 4-5 days (5-6 for isolated and remote zone). On request it is also possible to activate the Express service which takes less time to delivery but it has an additional cost.

How can I check the delivery status of my order?
As soon as the package leaves our warehouse you will receive an e-mail with the shipment confirmation. You can check the shipping anytime on your account pages on our website.

My shipment date and purchase date are different why?
Purchase date is referred to the exact day you bought the good. On the other hand the shipment date its referred to the moment the package leaves our warehouse and its taken by the courier.

Am I going to be contacted by the courier before delivery?
Usually there is no prior contact from the courier and they do not manage to deliver in a specified hour of the day. For any necessity or request do n ot hesitate to call our customer service.

What happens if the courier can’t find someone to deliver the package?
If you are not able to receive the goods from the courier it’ll leave a message in your mail box or near the intercom. In this message he will communicate that he tried to hand in the package and the instructions to contact the courier to make him deliver again.
After two unsuccessful delivery the courier will warn us about it and it’ll put the package on hold in their warehouse. Remember to check your e-mail account because we are going to contact you to decide when we have to make a new delivery and if we have to change the address.

What I have to do if my package is damaged or I find out that the goods is damaged but not the package?
Whenever you receive a package be sure to follow the ordinary delivery acceptance procedure that ensure you the coverage for damages. The courier will ask for your signature at delivery, remember to sign also for the unchecked goods field.
For any further assistance on the procedure for damaged goods or return policy ask to our customer care.