Cardigan girocollo in puro cashemere rosso

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  • Cardigan girocollo in puro cashemere rosso
  • Cardigan girocollo in puro cashemere blu denim
  • Cardigan girocollo in puro cashemere rosso
  • Round neck cardigan in milk cashmere


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Cardigan in maglia rasata chiuso con bottoncini in madreperla e con collo tondo realizzato in 100% cashmere (12 gauge misura dello spessore dei punti del capo più è alto il numero più la maglia è fine) di colore blu oceano. Tutti i capi McKenzy sono creat
Composizione e cura del capo
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It is recommended to dry clean or hand-wash in warm water with a little detergent for delicate garments and avoid soaking. Do not rub the item of clothing but gently wring it in water. Once rinsed, to remove water in excess, wrap it in a terry towel without twisting it. You can also use a washing machine with programs that simulate hand wash (you can find it in the latest models), at low temperatures and low spins, taking care to turn the garment. Do not overload the basket, to avoid excessive friction between the items of clothing and promote the diffusion of the detergent Lay the garment on a flat surface to let it dry but never on direct sources of heat (radiators, direct sunlight). Pull the garment to reach the initial measures, never hang it in the drying phase.

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