Guy Sand was founded in 1956 by the tradition of the Busini family entrepreneur and producer of quality yarns and knitwear from selected and valuable yarns.

In 1987 after becoming the main representative for garments production in Italy, Ferrucio Busini launches the Mc Kenzy brand. Discover Mc Kenzy’s yarns.



The historical brand Mc Kenzy owe its success for the production and sale of the best cashmere in the world. Mc Kenzy it is amongst the first brand in Italy to import valuable yarns from eastern countries that decided that the most valuable cashmere should be on the market with the trademark Duncan Cameron of Hawick, to remember the old Scottish factory where the first pullover were made. Mc Kenzy’s cashmere distinguish itself for the purity of the yarn and the history behind it.


Mc Kenzy’s Merino wool it’s of the purest quality, amongst its supplier there is also the Zegna Baruffa production, famous 100% Made in Italy yarns producer. Apart from Merino wool the Mc Kenzy production includes also Lambswool and Cashwool, with its characteristic softness.


It is not easy to create a shirt in 100% cotton that does not need to be ironed at all. The secret of our non-iron shirts is in the fabric, since the qualities are innate. In this way the cotton maintains an impeccable appearance much longer compared to fabrics treated with traditional methods.